Growing Older – Why Your Body Shakes & Gets Fat As You Get Older

Humans change as the years go on. We start out young, fit, and full of energy. Then, as we get older, we start slowing down. We notice that it’s a little harder to wake up in the morning. It’s a little harder to get up after sitting down for a while. It’s just a tiny bit more difficult to get over an illness, to heal up from a minor injury, or to get over that hangover.


It’s not much longer after that that we begin to notice more physical changes. Namely, that it’s harder to lose weight, and even if we maintain, our body still winds up looking a bit frumpy. Why is that? Why is it that the human body shakes and jiggles more as we grow older?


More so, why does your body tend to shake as you grow older? Many people have reported, all over the world, shaking-like tremors as they age – but why? Although we’ll focus more on other more common issues, here are a few technologies to help with shaking:


There are a few reasons for this. As already mentioned, as humans get older they tend to have a harder time losing weight. This is because their metabolism slows down. When a person’s metabolism slows down, that means that they have a harder time burning fat reserves for energy. This results in two things. One is that they tend to wear out and get winded more easily. Since their body is not as good at processing fat reserves, it’s harder for their body to recuperate from use.

The other thing is that they tend to remain fat. Fat reserves are not getting burnt off means that old fat stays put. But it’s not like people stop eating as they get older. Which means that new fat piles on to old fat, and, when combined with the fact that it’s easier to run out of energy, results in fat covering muscles as a person gets older.

This means that even if you stay fit and active, your body is going to get a little bit jiggly. This is due to the excess fat that’s covering most of your body. In addition, your muscles become looser with age. Decades of use have caused them to not maintain the same amount of stretch, not be able to keep quite as much tension. This results in the muscles not being quite as good at keeping everything firm and in place.

This, of course, just goes right along with the excess fat reserves. The combination of the two results in often feeling as though your body is just a flabby mess. And it only gets worse as you get older. No wonder old people often wear baggy clothes!

At the end of the day, growing older is difficult. People are often afraid of it, and understandably so. Still, it’s a natural process. As the body goes, the mind grows sharper and more experienced. It’s the grand sense of humor from whoever or whatever made the universe. Youth is wasted on the young, and you don’t have knowledge and experience until you no longer need it. On the plus side, if you manage to stay fit from a younger age, you can mitigate the worst of it as you age.

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