UESUES Means Coverage for Presidential Election 2016

Trump and Hilary seem to be neck and neck as I’m writing this update to you. It’s only the beginning of February 2016 and these candidates have laid solid groundwork which could win either of them the presidency. Then, in some bizarre world, maybe you’d see one as president and one as vice.

Nonetheless, this 2016 presidential election is bound to be one of the most exciting ones yet. There’s even Bernie Sanders running and the verdict is still out on just how looney this guy is. He’s openly said he’s pro socialism. And despite how he tries to sugar coat it, he’s up for taxing the wealth, taking money from the rich and throwing it wherever he sees fit. Some people have avoided addressing history. Maybe they skipped class on the days when the teacher was talking about World War 2. Others just haven’t thought through what might happen if you elect a president who also hasn’t though through the feel-good socialist agenda he supports. I believe Bernie is out. I don’t think Americans will elect such a careless representative in any form. Then again, we have Obama in office and he was making many of the same promises to win votes.

Trump may end up getting elected because he seems to represent an ideology of entrepreneurship and property rights which the other candidates just don’t. Not only do they not support such ideas, but they don’t seem to comprehend them.

Hilary could get elected based on being the first female president. Just as Obama was elected largely on the grounds of race. Yes, he was qualified to run, but we can’t ignore the issue of race and people who wanted to say that they were there when he got elected, that they helped. Hilary could have a great deal of support in a very similar way in becoming the first woman president in history. Then again, her husband Bill could have so many skeletons in the closet that she won’t make it past March.

Whatever happens, you can rest assured that we will be covering the good stuff. Stay tuned.

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