Missoulians, Do You Need A Bondsman?

There are some people who are unsure as to whether or not they need to have a legitimate bail bondsman in order to post bail after an arrest. To make a long answer short, that would be no. However, if you have the total amount of said bail in cash, you can post what is known as cash bail, right at the jail. This will call for the full amount of the bail, in either a cashier’s check or cash, to be brought right to the jailer so that you have the ability to secure your release. Whenever the case is concluded, you would be able to receive the cash back, simply less of any of the administrative fees that were charged during the process.

How Is Bail Set?

The judge is going to be responsible for setting the bail in your case. Because there are a lot of people who want to be able to get our of jail immediately, without waiting for a day or more to be able to see a judge, there are a number of jails that will have standard bail schedules. These schedules will specify certain bail amounts that coincide for certain common crimes.

If there is a suspect looking to post bail, yet cannot afford the amount that is called for in the bail schedule, you can think about trying to ask the judge to lower it. However, depending upon the procedures in your state, the request may need to be made during a special bail hearing, or whenever the suspect (you) appears in court for the first time, which is usually called an arraignment.

What Are The Usual Bail Bondsman Fees?

A bail bondsman, or a bail bonds company, will usually charge 10 percent of whatever the total bond amount is. For example, if the bail is set at $50,000, the cost to bond the person out of jail would be $5,000. If you are the person who has been arrested and awaiting bail, the person responsible for bailing you out could be anyone from a friend to a family member.

Bail can take on any number of forms, including:

– Check or cash in the full amount of the bail
– Property with worth that is the full amount of the bail
– Bond, which is a guaranteed payment for the full bail amount
– Waiver of payment, using the condition that the defendant must appear in court on a required date and time – this is sometimes referred to as their “own recognizance”

All in all, a bail bondsman offers a much needed service for the public by making bail for incarcerated individual affordable financially. While the amount that the person pays a bail bondsman a premium that is non-refundable. If you or someone that you know has been incarcerated and you need more information on being able to get out of jail, you can contact your local bail bondsman.

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